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Gravity Care offers TeleCare© a remote synchronous video conferencing mobile platform for home care agency clients to expand their access to value-based Care Management at home.


TeleCare© is a Gravity Care brand, exclusive to Gravity Care certified agency partners.

TeleCare© is available in a few California counties to help agency clients (or patients) get their value-based care management when patients have very limited family and/or friends’ support or their availability to visit on a frequent basis.

Why do agency clients need value-based care management?

Care management refers to a comprehensive suite of services that helps patients with chronic or complex conditions affect their day-2-day-living. The overall goal is to improve outcomes, reduce hospital visits, and lower total healthcare costs.

What is a TeleCare© Service Package?

TeleCare© services are non-medical home care Care Management services designed by and for a home care agency Tele-Care Providers to match their specialties.

A service package has TeleCare© services designed and bundled in partnership with the agency owners and/or agency staff or when a home care agency is partnered with a Care Management company to meet their client needs; affordability, reliability, and better health.

A service package bundling ensures the agency clients accomplish their goals, it’s well-thought-through keeping patient needs in mind.

It is a single payment for services provided for an entire episode of value-based care management determined by the home care agency based on historical prices. Gravity Care charges a nominal fee for the usage, maintenance, security, and patient care logistics of the TeleCare© services platform.

Based on the key insights gathered on the agency clients, Gravity Care will work with the agency owners to digital market their TeleCare© services by making the “Freemium” service work for them. It’s optional but recommended.

Gravity Care assures agency clients a satisfaction guarantee when they are dissatisfied with their agency TeleCare© services.

Health Care Provider is in sync with the TeleCare Services 

Gravity Care takes extra steps in secured sharing of the agency client’s TeleCare© progress report to their Health Care Providers, it’s FREE! on-demand service when requested by the agency-client health care provider.

Going forward, Gravity Care is working on integrating patient data with Health Care Provider’s hospital sources to deliver continuous updates (meet the HIPAA compliance).

How to find agency Tele-Care Providers?

Should an agency-client need any assistance they can search and pick registered home care agency Tele-Care Providers on our mobile app, get them immediately available to assess the situation, and provide supportive prompts. 

Service Escalations

In most situations, the home care agency Tele-Care Providers can manage the situation; they can escalate to the agency client’s health care provider or an ambulance, or even the police department to the person to help deliver appropriate help, or an on-call person can be dispatched to provide quick on-site assistance or emergency services may be contacted. 

Setting Up a Mobile TeleCare© system

The agency-client or their family members decide if the TeleCare© service will benefit in consultation with their health care provider, and what level of support an agency-client needs. 

Each agency client or their family members fill a questionnaire that helps home care agency Tele-Care Providers personalize their services to the agency client’s needs.

The home care agency will then selectively train their Tele-Care team on those personalized needs.

Deploying Remote Care Management with our trusted partners:

Our patient-friendly, and patented mobile technology has a seamless integration into our patients’ daily life increasing agency-client engagement that offers health sessions, educational briefing, and video conferencing. 

Here are some benefits listed:

  • No installation and testing of the system.
  • No implementation cost (already saved between $15K to $150K).
  • No cameras or a mix of sensors.
  • No design consultant needed to determine TeleCare needs.
  • No scheduled maintenance. 
  • No device shipped.
  • No training.
  • No prior knowledge of the technology needed.

Hospital readmissions are extremely costly

Hospitals gain control over the in-patient care, but home care patients are left unattended after discharge.

Post-acute care plays an important role in improving the overall outcomes for patients after discharge, otherwise, the hospital readmissions within 30 days of discharge cost hospitals in billion dollars.

Therefore, Gravity Care sets its own priority educating agencies and agency clients what’s available in agency home care TeleCare© services.

A systematic review of agency client patient and Tele-Care Providers satisfaction

Agency client satisfaction is important for TeleCare© and a vital mode of service delivery.

It’s closely linked to improved patient recovery from actional insights collected in the TeleCare© conversation and shared with the agency-client health care provider. Safe and secured HIPAA Compliant.

Satisfaction also includes mode of uninterrupted communications, setting up TeleCare©, Agency remote Care Provider or Tele-Care Providers satisfaction, and more.

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Written by the Gravity Care   – April 2021
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