Now you can: Agency focus your valuable time expanding your business on our platform.1 min read

“The time spent running your agency’s administration and coordinating your staff can be overwhelming. Partner with us and bring a positive change.

We are on a mission investing in Agencies to grow their businesses. Efforts to recruit and retain care providers is a challenge, typically focus on improving their financial and physical well-being, such as through career and safety trainings, compensation increase or medical benefits. Agency fail to address the “physical labor” toll on care providers, which leads to burnout and high turnover.

No reason to worry now, keep your focus in providing TLC to your clients, safe onboarding your care providers, get agency paid and the rest our platform will take care; compensation, benefits, safety and career training, vetting, new service offers, personal time-off and nationwide opportunities.

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Written by Gravity Care – August 12, 2017
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