How to Keep Track on Care Provider Overtime Hours?2 min read

Distribute care hours effectively, allowing care providers to work for the number of hours they need while cutting down unnecessary overtime.

All service bookings on the Gravity Care platform are booked in advance by the agency clients.

The payment is wired to a 3rd party secured Escrow partner, released weekly, in mile-stone digital payments to the agency bank account after the services are delivered. The client takes care from the FREE! Gravity Care mobile app.

Therefore, no overtime hours are calculated when a service booking exceeds more than 8 hrs in a workday or worked over 40 hrs in a workweek.

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Here are some suggested options available:

Pad-in agency care provider rate/hr:
When the agency staff anticipates their hero care providers worked over 40 hrs in a workweek the Pad-in rate takes care. To calculate the overtime payments, the agency staff can refer to Gravity Care’s “Weekly Service Booking Report”

Ask us about our New development in rate prediction AI based on the most consumable care services bookings. Making “Freemium” service work for you.

Create multiple service bookings:
When the agency care provider’s workweek exceeds 40 hrs, for care services on a single agency-client service booking, create multiple service bookings each of 40 hrs or less, instead of one, to solve the overtime payment issue.

Agency staff, let your clients know about this.

Stop accepting client’s new booking invitations:
A 40 hr threshold is maintained in the agency-client service booking. A mobile app message pops when the client’s booking request is accepted by the agency care provider. Which says, “Blocked: weekly 40hrs exceeded!”

A yearly subscription is 40% savings compared to monthly.

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Written by the Gravity Care   – April 2021
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