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What Does it Mean to be Gravity Care Certified Agency Partner?

Achieving such a status means Gravity Care has declared that the company has committed itself to evolving usage of the Gravity Care platform to run its non-medical home care business and to add the usage of other Gravity Care product lines and extended back-office services for the interests of its own needs as well as those of its clients.

A Gravity Care Certified Agency Partner is a company that has agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with Gravity Care.

Note: Non-medical care generally means assisting elderly or disabled persons or post-acute care patients in performing their activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs).

Examples include assistance with eating, bathing and maintaining personal hygiene, dressing, toileting, and basic mobility, preparing meals, transportation assistance, medication reminders, light house cleaning, laundry, and shopping for essentials. Non-medical care may also include companionship and supervision.

Benefits of Gravity Care Agency Partner Certification:

Many family-owned home care agencies decide to become a Gravity Care Certified Agency Partner as they are entitled to FREE! mobile app for their clients and care providers, engaging In-App messaging for members,  Business dashboard & analytical reporting for agency business owners, automated care scheduling, agency-client booking, billing and agency payments (weekly secured bank direct deposits), Gravity Care Electronic Visit validation (GCEVv),  TeleCare, online technical support, news, tips, insights, like having exclusive access to their business on the Gravity Care platform, as well to partake in Gravity Care’s ongoing training programs for new scheduled feature release (available for low or no cost) and tutorials.

Home Care Agency Pre-Certification Requirements:

Agency has:

Incorporated Business within any U.S. States

Set up the Business

Create Policies and Procedures

Hire Staff & Care Providers

Have clients and/or marketing their business for new clients

Vetted home care agency (suggested: Business Insurance for Home Care agency, Workers’ Compensation Insurance)

Medicare-Certified (Not a mandatory  requirement)

Agency Partner Certification Steps:

Only applies to pre-certified Agency Owner(s) or their assigned staff:

Click here to register and  ‘REQUEST A DEMO”

Complete a Product Demo

FREE! Agency Onboarding

  • Assigned a Gravity Care Onboarding specialist / Trainer
  • Complete the Onboarding checklist

Agency Business Go Live!

Agency Certificate Awarded

Once a company has gone through the steps to obtain a Gravity Care Certified Agency Partner, it may be ideal to hold on to its partner certification to retain the competency benefits. To do so, the company must renew its partnership within the 90-day window each year.

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Written by the Gravity Care   – April 2021
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