Helping Care Families understand what to expect from Caregivers when they arrive1 min read

You’ve hired a caregiver, and ready for your in-home care, and your caregiver arrives – but do realize they’re not agency caregiver or private local care? If a care family is expecting the caregiver to do everything but care, or expecting medical home care, then your expectations and their may be misaligned. This can lead to unfriendly care experience and reviews, which is disappointing for everyone involved.

Nearly two-third of all home care request bookings include a care family who has never had Gravity Care. So to help these care families understand the different care experience they can have when they home care, we remind you to check your ‘Payment Receipt’. You can also check care rules in your ‘Profile’.


Our App has care rules therefore, it is a good reminder to prepare care family and caregivers for the service. Care family, please remember, you always have control over who cares you in your home.

Written by Gravity Care – August 12, 2017
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