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Have you ever wanted to become a Gravity Care caregiver but didn’t know how to begin? We personally asked some of our new caregivers what their priorities are and here’s what they had to say.
Set the right expectations
People provide in-home care for all different types of reasons. Some may use the extra income to make their ends meet or save for the future whereas others enjoy making personal connections and helping those in need. Before creating your listing, think about your main concerns and share those expectations when you work for an agency or by discussing your availability and weekly schedule, personal boundaries, and the skills you offer. This includes discussing how often you’ll be caregiving, creating caregiving rules that all care families will abide by, and exploring trust and safety resources like background-check, liability insurance from our partners at a discounted price, first time or once every year.
Create your profile
Now that you’ve addressed your expectations, it’s time to carefully craft your profile to set a great first impression on potential care families. Share your preferred work location, the services you provide, and your previous work experience (if any) related to home care. Care families would also like to know about your key attributes, work ethic, and the preferred languages you speak to get a good gauge on whether you’re the right fit. Lastly, select a profile picture and provide your birthdate, email address, and phone number so you can be easily contacted.
Create a listing
Next is creating your caregiver listing! This entails sharing your personal boundaries and rules as well as selecting a work schedule that works for you.
Choosing your service
Since care services play an important factor in your selection, select all the services that you have experience in Personal care, transportation, mobility/transfer, feeding, medications, grocery and more.
Determining your service compensation
Determining your compensation rate is another key factor that will impact your experience and help differentiate you from other caregivers. After the final price for your service is calculated, care families may provide their quote if you receive their invitation. You have the opportunity to peruse reviews and ratings of other caregivers before you make a final decision.
Choose your Cancellation Policy
This policy protects you in case a care family decides to cancel their service with you. You have three choices, you can choose only one: Easy, Moderate and Strict. Check our Cancellation Policy to learn more.
Get your background check (Mandatory)
It is mandatory for every caregiver to complete a background check. The price is partner discounted and is paid for when registering on the app. You will be notified by the support team regarding your status within a couple days after the background check. Caregivers are required to attain an “all clear” status.
Get your Liability Insurance (Mandatory)
Purchase an affordable home care liability insurance to ensure your protection against the unexpected. You are able to purchase and renew your insurance every year through the app. You will receive an insurance policy certificate via email within a few days after your purchase. Register the policy certificate information in the App.
Earn your educational certification (Optional)
The App can provide you discounted home care training through its partnerships with the American Red Cross or Institute for Professional Care Education. Register to earn an education anywhere and anytime.
Preparing to work
Once you fulfill the necessary requirements, your listing will be visible nationwide to all the care families searching for services in your selected work location. You will be notified when potential care families show interest and wish to hire you. Once hired, you will be notified again when the care family has wired the funds for your service to Escrow, a partner of Gravity Care. The App will then share with you the exact location of your service and the care family’s contact information.
Getting compensated
Before starting your service, Escrow will call and email you to receive your consent to open up an Escrow account. This step is particularly for new accounts only. At the end of each week, the care family will securely release your service funds and Escrow will electronically deposit it into your bank account. If there is a case in which the care family decides to not release funds for your service, you will receive a call from our Escrow team regarding the dispute.
Write a review
The final step in every caregiving service is writing a review. Trust is a foundation of the Gravity Care community and our reviews help to foster a genuine and honest business relationship between you and the care family. After your service is completed, you will be notified to write a review of the care family you worked for. When writing, ensure that your review is honest, thoughtful, and detailed. The care family will also write a review and select a rating regarding your work and the accuracy of your listing description.
Happy Caregiving!
We hope that this “getting started” checklist has been helpful and walked you through the process of what it takes to be a successful caregiver!

Written by Gravity Care – August 12, 2017
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