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Have you ever wanted to become a Gravity Care family but didn’t know how to begin? Well, you can do it now. We personally asked some of our new care families what their priorities are and here’s what they had to say.
Set the right expectations
People request in-home care services for all different types of reasons. Some may require home services for themselves, their loved ones, or friends. Before booking a request, think about your main concerns and share those expectations with those requiring the home care service. It’s important to discuss how often you’ll be needing in-home caregiving, the care plan you prefer, and your personal boundaries.
Create your profile
Now that you’ve addressed your expectations, it’s time to carefully craft your profile to find the best fit. Share your location, the services you require, and any personal boundaries you may have. Caregivers would also like to know about your key attributes and the preferred languages you speak. Lastly, select a profile picture and provide your birthdate, email address, and phone number so you can be easily contacted.
Search for caregivers
Next is searching for caregivers in your default location (state and city). You are also able to search for caregivers in nearby cities by changing the location. Now, select a date(s) and the shift for your required service. Shifts you may select from including the morning, afternoon, evening, and night time. If you search is successful, you will get the list of caregivers otherwise, continue your search again. The “Filter On” feature will list caregivers who meet your specific requirements.
Addressing your care needs
No matter who the in-home care service is for, it’s important to receive consent from them. After doing so, evaluate the list of daily tasks that need to be completed by the caregiver, the location of the service requested, and the preferred care plan(s) – in-home care assistance, Parkinson’s care, Joint replacement care, Hospital-patient discharge care, Dementia & Alzheimer’s care and more – to ensure you find the perfect match.
Assessing Caregivers
Select the caregivers you prefer to work with from your search list. All of our caregivers are thoroughly vetted and the expiration dates of their background checks can be viewed on their profile. Before selecting the perfect caregiver for you, be sure to read their profile, cancellation policy, personal caregiver rules, reviews, ratings and service quote. You have the opportunity to negotiate for a quote that is affordable for you. However, keep in mind that it is not guaranteed the caregiver will accept your invitation.
Request a Booking
You can book a service with a local caregiver at any location you prefer such as your residence or the residence of the one receiving care. If your preferred location doesn’t match with the locations of the caregivers on your search list, the app will notify you.Our services are offered and requested in 5-hour shifts: morning, afternoon, evening, or night. If you require a service for multiple shifts in the day such as, in the morning and night, you must create a separate booking request for each shift. There are incidences in which a caregiver may not be available for all the dates and shifts you selected. Therefore, you may have multiple booking requests with various caregivers to fulfill your requirements. It’s important to book your service in advance to ensure you receive the care you need.
Getting ready to engage
Compile a list of caregivers who responded to your booking invitation within 24 hours of the booking expiration date. After selecting your preferred caregiver(s), pay a nominal connection fee to our payment processing partner. By doing so, the caregiver(s) you selected will be “locked” for the next 24 hours. The funds required to be wired will be listed on the payment receipt screen in the app. After confirming your purchase, our partner, Escrow, will be notified and will call you to receive your consent to open up an Escrow account. You will also receive an email with steps in case you need assistance. Ensure that you book your service in advance because it takes 1 business day for Escrow to validate and process your wired funds.Note: If you are looking to start a service on Monday, you must wire your funds by the previous Thursday.
Hire & Pay
The caregiver will be notified and hired once the funds are deposited into the Escrow account. The service will proceed on the scheduled dates and you will have access to the caregiver’s contact information through the app. At the end of each week, you will be reminded to release the service funds through Escrow into the caregiver’s account. If you choose to reject releasing the service funds, Escrow will contact you regarding your dispute with the caregiver.Note: If the service funds have not been approved by Escrow prior to an hour before the service begins, the app will cancel the service. For example, if the service begins at 7 AM on Monday and the funds have not been approved the latest by 6 AM on Monday, the app will cancel the service.
Write a review
The final step in our caregiving service is writing a review. Trust is a foundation of the Gravity Care community and our reviews help to foster a genuine and honest business relationship between you and the caregiver. After you’ve completed your service, you will be notified to write a review about the caregiver who worked for you. When writing, ensure that your review is honest, thoughtful, and detailed. The caregiver will also write a review and select a rating regarding their experience working with you, your location and the accuracy of your addressed care needs.
Happy in-home care!
We hope that this “getting started” checklist has been helpful and walked you through the process of what it takes to be a successful care family!

Written by Gravity Care – August 12, 2017
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