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You’ve registered all your caregivers with us, created and published listings to represent your in-home care agency. Now your staff want’s to check it out. How do they find it? How does Gravity Care decide which ones to show a care family searching in your location? That raises two key questions: how listings are ranked, and how can care families find my listing in the smartphone app? Let’s find out how we do.

What factors affect my listing’s placement in search results?

We look into many touches to decide the listing order in search results. What care families care about matters, current face photo, About you and positive reviews. If a care family finds the type of a caregiver they’re looking for you are most likely to get request booking right away. We collect what care families are looking for in the listing reviews to match their needs closely.

You don’t need to have a perfect listing or be in a popular location to rank better. But few positive vibes make a difference, includes: competitive listing price, how many request bookings you accept, how many booking requests you received, how many care families have your listing in their favorite list, and how long you keep your service offline or block your holidays.

Are there any app settings I can adopt to help my ranking better?
The best way to immediately improve your performance in Search is to lower your response time because care families are always in need of care, there is always an urgency in their need. Other ways to quickly boost your ranking:

  • Make your first impression the final: Make sure your photo well lighted, a high quality, and show a caring person in you. The more care families put you in their favorite list, the higher you’ll rank in search results over time.
  • Competitive price your listing: Care families are frequently looking for a great service value for their booking, setting your own competitive price, you can get the benefit of well-informed pricing recommendations.
  • Tell about you: Our care families like to read about you, don’t share like a resume, but a story who you are, and why you want to do this? Any shared experiences you can elaborate on, and specifics you like to do in the caring.

Will my listing get more attention in the search results if care families add to their favorites list?

Agree! When care families add your listing to their favorites list, it elevates your search ranking. As the time does go by, if many care families love to add your listing to their favorites list, it definitely ranks higher! We also use favorite listings of care families to personalize their search experience, so they’ll be likely to see your listing again in future searches.

I frequently edit my listing or do frequent adjustments regularly will help boost my listing in Search?

Well, it really does not change your search ranking. If you are satisfied with your content, photo and pricing then wait for the requested booking to arrive from care families.

Can paid advertisement help me to boost my search results?

Gravity Care does not offer paid targeted ads in boosting list search results because this allows us to generate impartial search results for the best matches between care providers and care families.

Why my listing is at the end on the horizontal search? No one will ever book my listing in this way.

A plain search, when you search has no specifics, for example, location ( state-city), booking dates, and shift hours can capture many listings. Care families that request booking uses specific dates, or have filters. So there will be fewer listings in the search results than with a plain search with no preferences or filters.

If I don’t accept request booking because a care family doesn’t meet my Care rules, or service quote or work experience does this impact my search ranking?

Not accepting request booking within 24hrs is the same as rejecting a care family booking, we do factor into Search Ranking. We take into account sometimes, but if this happens regularly, we take into account your booking acceptance with other care families.

My listing is published in my profile. If other friends search for it, they can’t find it either. Any reason why?

We require the caregiver or Agency to provide us the vetting details such as background check and Liability Insurance. Our team will review and when it meets our needs the listing will be visible. If you don’t see your listing within 48 hrs, you can contact customer support to find out why.

If your listing is already visible to all Gravity Care members, if your friends search for it, they can’t find either this usually happens when the Agency or Caregivers made the listing offline or the holiday days are blocked or the list vetting requirements expired or the listing account owner status is not ‘Active’.

Why doesn’t Gravity Care have a keyword search? What are your plans for the future?

Also called a free-text search, is not our priority, but an exiting feature to build in the product. We have a talented team always investigating ways to improve the search experience.

We hope these tips and answers help you understand the challenging nature of matching care families and care providers. We suggest, to focus on making your list most attractive, convincing, caring and don’t worry about showing up top in search.

Written by Gravity Care – August 12, 2017
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