Advanced Agency Care Scheduling, Tap & Go on our Mobile App2 min read

Yes! Cut Agency Care Provider Scheduling Time by 100%. No First Come, No First Serve Scheduling.

From family-owned non-medical home care agencies to midsize leaders, we provide an advanced care scheduling solution to ensure it scales, as the client demand rises, without interrupting the day-to-day priorities of agency owners or/and their staff. 

We are different, we know what our clients want therefore, we designed a system driven by the source, our agency clients. They know their care needs, therefore they search for agency care providers to meet their budget, and reliability in real-time, anywhere; day or night. All driven by a few mobile taps and you are there!

Agency care providers know their needs, they block their calendar days for time-off or vacation, or national holidays. They can block or unblock calendar days at any time, the Gravity Care Scheduler syncs automatically!  

Agency clients access the care provider calendar to find care availability, our automated care scheduling drives between the agency client and agency care provider. It’s safe and secured.

Isn’t that so simple, no Clock-In & Out, no time-sheet; One tap and accept the client booking invitation for scheduled care and block the agency care provider calendar when hired! 

Our scheduler goes beyond and above: it packages care documents, Gravity Care Electronic Visit Validation (GCEVv), service location for GPS tracing, funds transfer, billing, and payment schedules in one In-APP mobile notification. It’s so engaging, all parties are informed to stay on the same page.  

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Making the “Freemium” service work for you, the agency staff can refer to Gravity Care’s “EDD Claims Reporting”.

No learning. No software to buy. No Upgrades. No expiry.

All FREE! when you become a “Gravity Care Certified Agency Partner”, click here to learn more.

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Written by the Gravity Care   – April 2021
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