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Agency caregivers often have help booking home care services with their clients. But until now, there hasn’t been a great way for Agency staff to book Gravity Care listings for their caregivers. It’s important that you (care families) always know who is planning to home care you, so we’ve have introduced a new way for you to receive home care. Now, staff from participating agencies can become approved Agents who now onboard caregivers and make them available to deliver services for Gravity Care families.

We have designed this experience to be simple and seamless for you as a care family. Here are important things to know:

You’ll know who is delivering home care services. Agency caregivers must have registered Gravity Care Account having an agency email address assigned. Here’s what you’ll see in your search when your caregiver onboard by Agency.


You’ll be able to send booking invitation to caregivers. Once you pick your caregiver from your search, you will engage with the caregiver. Both now can see the booking request details.

You’re covered by the Caregiver Liability Protection Insurance. The entire booking process on Gravity Care gives benefits to the Caregiver Liability Protection Insurance.

Caregivers must meet ID requirements. Safety and security matters to us, therefore, we’re committed to make sure every Agency caregiver must meet the verification requirements for authorization to work, background-check, Email address, phone number, and a face photo.

All Agency caregivers must follow care family care rules. The Agent will agree to your care rules on behalf of the caregiver before confirming the booking invitation. The caregiver can read the rules in the App “Request Booking” screen and is responsible for following them.

When you hire a home care service, you make agency caregivers feel comfortable to deliver an excellent service in your home. And since there are plenty of agencies, they can be a great compliment to your choices.

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Written by Gravity Care – August 12, 2017
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